Return of the Everyday ‘Jhola’ Tote Bag




Whilst working on the new Stars and Birds of Paradise range, we decided to do an ‘everyday’ bag, a tote – one that you actually will find in use all over  the world! People use what is called a ‘Jhola‘ bag in India to lug their everyday belongings – from clothes to food to toys. What has been glamorously adopted as a “book bag”, used to be the common man’s everyday humble ‘lug’ sack/ Jhola before taking on its new avatar.

Blue Stars Jhola book bag

Dress it up or down, our ‘Jhola’, for that is its name, stands firm as the new staple among your belongings. You can dress it up or down, and glamourise it with sequins, pins, badges and charms, it remains pretty (available in all our designs and colour variations), sturdy, foldable and washable. We put in a gusset on each side so it can expand  and is ready to carry your personal belongings, shopping, books or toys. 

Return of the Jhola indeed! An every day bag we just can’t be without, more so now with the banishment of plastic bags. Hurrah!


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