Holi the festival of Colours

It was Holi, the Festival of Colours in India on Monday coinciding with the Full Moon this week. The Holi Full Moon stays high up in the night sky, which is a rarity for the full moon. Bonfires are lit on the night of the Full Moon as part of the festival. This festival celebrates the onset of Spring, and a large amount of colour called ‘Gulal’ and ‘Abir’, both dry powder and mixed with water is thrown by folks on each other in celebration. There are Myths associated with this event in relation to Lord Vishnu preserving the Earth and saving it from evil, and as good defeats bad, there is a lot of traditional sweet Gujhiya eating and singing and dancing too! Along with the festivities, a copious amount of Bhang is consumed, almost always mixed in some food, so watch out for the delicious smelling Bhang pakoras and the sweet smelling Bhang Lassis! The effect remains for hours if not days, but almost always is innocent fun. They say on Holi even enemies become friends. What better way to spread good cheer and peace than celebrate together!

The weather is still lovely and cool before Holi in India, and it starts getting warmer soon after that. It is best to visit India in the winter as the weather gets too hot otherwise. We love India however, so we would be happy to give you any tips and advice /help ( if any is indeed required ) as we love it there as much as we do here!


We have discovered that you can join in a European version of the event too, at www.Holifestival.com. This was started by  Jasper  who visited India during Holi and loved it so much he re-created it here!

Jasmine White London loves the celebration of colour and this is reflected in our selection of vibrant product range, especially in Indian Street where we try and capture the sight, sound and life on India’s streets. For us life is a celebration, so go out there and make merry with lots of colours-everyday! “Holi Hai!”

Indian Street Design cushion by Jasmine White London

Indian Street Design cushion by Jasmine White London

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