Happy Customer & Marshmallows

We had a lovely email from a  customer who loves using our hand painted enamelware. She was at home with her brother being looked after, as their mummy was out and about. As a treat, they made a luxurious hot chocolate with all the trimmings!  This includes whipped cream & marshmallows on top of a lot of milky hot chocolate all in the popular green enamelware mugs.

Bright green mug with hot choc and marshmallows


They sent in a photo, with their story, which is just lovely. It certainly made our day. Chloe (AGE 7) also, kindly sent in the key ingredients to the yummy, luxurious, hot chocolate, in case you wish to make some yourself:

  1. Hot chocolate
  2. Whipped cream
  3. Mini marshmallows
  4. (All in the green mugs,)
  5. Use spoon to help eat!

Thank you Chloe.

We love receiving your emails and messages so keep them   coming!

xx Supriya



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